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This search function developed by us allows you to search for key terms such as WKN, ISIN or the name of the underlying asset you want to trade as a contract for difference or as a currency pair.

Only the financial service providers that have provided DDH with corresponding information are listed as search results.
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According to our records you can invest in that product with the following providers:

1 ETRO EURUSD Show more info
2 ETRO Germany40 Show more info
3 ETRO China50 Show more info
4 ETXC YBC Show more info
5 ETXC Fairsal Show more info
6 EXTL DMA Show more info

Your search term can be mapped to the following underlying


Country: Europe

ISIN: EU0009652759

Instrument symbol: EURUSD


Country: Germany

ISIN: DE0008469008

Instrument symbol: DAX


Country: China

ISIN: HK0000004322

Instrument symbol: HANGSENG


Country: Portugal

ISIN: PT0056987657

Instrument symbol: YEBK


Country: Sweden

ISIN: SE0056941545

Instrument symbol: FEUS


Country: all Exchanges

ISIN: all liquid equities

Instrument symbol: Equities

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