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Some industry representatives from the CFD & FX trading sector are involved as sponsors in sport. We have compiled a selection of providers and their commitment here.
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Sports sponsorship
In recent years, cooperation between CFD/FX providers and sports clubs has become increasingly popular. In the meantime, millions flow into the sponsoring of renowned football clubs, Formula 1 teams or high-reach events every year. It is possible that your favourite club is also supported by a company of which you have not yet known who it is or what business model the sponsor uses to generate its income.

The latest news from the sports sponsorship sector reached us in August. The Cyprus-based financial services provider Indication Investments Ltd (Libertex) will sponsor FC Bayern Munich from 2022 to 2025. Click here for the press release

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Those who engage in sports sponsoring usually have a well-filled war chest for targeted, effective and very often successful public relations. Whether the visual presence in the stadiums or a race track is a special quality feature can often only be answered subjectively. Sponsorship, like other forms of public relations, serves to increase the awareness of a company or a brand. It should help to open up new markets and thus new target groups.
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