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About Us

Thank you for your interest in Due Diligence Hub.

Due Diligence Hub ("DDH") is a product of the project development and consulting company Three Rivers Management Consulting Network ("3RMCN"). The initiative is a subdivision of the management consulting company that specialises in research, market and competition analyses, the collection and analysis of extensive statistical key figures and the structuring of data clusters.

In two years of development, a multifunctional, modularly designed portal site was created, which is characterised by a high level of information and functionality. The platform provides users with extensive and easily accessible research options on various financial market topics. The content is provided free of charge. A support forum enables users of the platform to exchange information on specialised topics and to support each other with questions.

3RMCN also takes on sector-specific consulting mandates and supports companies in the development and expansion of digital business models through its expertise and extensive network. By supporting various innovation projects, including those related to regulatory issues, we have already been able to offer start-ups in the FinTech sector valuable support in achieving their business goals, e.g. in permit application procedures.  DDH can thus also be understood as a digital competence profile and business card.

We are pleased that you have discovered our information platform for yourself. Here you will find a wealth of valuable and helpful information if you are privately or professionally involved with stock exchange trading and, in this context, with financial service providers who provide customers with access to the global financial markets.

The information provided here is both a navigator and an orientation aid. People new to the sector or newcomers will particularly benefit from it, as they can quickly and easily access the information they need. Clearly structured overviews help to conduct targeted and topic-specific research on service providers active in the financial market who offer, in particular but not exclusively, real-time trading of derivatives such as contracts for difference ("CFDs") and foreign exchange ("FX", "Forex") products to both private clients and institutional investors.

With Due Diligence Hub, the initiators of this project have created an information platform that is unique in its form. A multitude of unique selling points allows it to stand out unmistakably from supposedly comparable offers. An essential quality criterion enhances the project. Due Dilgence Hub was initiated and strategically shaped by people who have learned their trade from scratch. The initiators have been active in the financial market for many years. Due to their professional backgrounds, they have experience and specialised knowledge that can only be acquired in one way - practice. Those who have been allowed to look behind the scenes can justifiably be called insiders - experts who know what they are talking about. Anyone who wants to can profit disproportionately from this know-how. Not least against the background that expert knowledge has flowed into the concept of implementation to a not inconsiderable extent, as well as past experience from a large number of projects.

The information offered is aimed at different target groups. As a first introduction and general orientation, we recommend that you switch from here to the respective area that seems most relevant to your concern.

We would be pleased if you value our work. You can do this by giving us feedback and, at best, by actively helping to make our information even more informative and attractive for you and others. If you wish, please feel free to contact us.

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