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From the idea to the public beta

Our information offer is enriched in many areas by overviews from which users can derive valuable information. When the concept for structuring the information was developed, the project team was tasked with covering the different information needs of the target groups as comprehensively as possible. The challenge was obvious and led to the question of how the many individual pieces of information could be combined into one unit. The answer to this question would have been a profile page listing all the data collected.

Based on a successful Proof of Concept ("PoC"), work was done on the first version of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Here it already became apparent that it would be rather difficult to realise a generic approach that would work equally well for all user interests - a "one size fits all" solution. Usability aspects were identified and technologically implemented through studies and with support from the immediate company network.

After the PoC, the first alpha version was realised and continuously developed. The functional scope of the first beta version was already very comprehensive and provided with a large number of innovative functionalities. Not all of them are immediately visible, because in addition to the graphical user interface, there is a powerful backend component that communicates internally and externally with many interfaces.

Three years passed from the first line of source code to the (software) launch. Many hundreds of man-days of project planning and development, quality assurance and optimisation have led to the result that is available to users of the platform today. We sincerely hope that we can convince you of our offer and would be pleased if you recommend us to others. We can already promise that we will continue improving the information offered. Views that do not offer the required ease of use will be revised or replaced by more usable ones.

Our overviews

Those who use DDH for their own research for the first time will notice a new way of compiling content. In all views, to which we attach central importance, we not only deliberately avoid visual elements but also try to guide users to the information of interest with minimalist but user-friendly functional elements. The following overview shows selected content pages, the associated information offered and which form of presentation was chosen as the standard. For users of our platform who prefer graphical operation as an alternative to the tabular presentation of information, we offer a corresponding function in many areas that can be used to switch to a visual view.

PageContentsort bytypealternative


Overview of all companies in DDH coverage%-Cash-Burn_ratetablevisual
CBR-TrendOverview of all companies in DDH coverage
By change from the previous calendar quartertable


Overview of companies from the DDH coverage with a corporate event coming up soonOccurrence of the future eventtable


Overview of the companies from the DDH coverage that have recently commenced operations.
After date of granting of permissiontable

DDH-Coverage - Recently added

Overview of the companies newly included in the coverageDate of inclusion in coveragetable
Red FlagOverview of companies that have qualified for inclusion on the Red Flag Watchlist based on corresponding criteria
Date of recording

Principal-vs. Agency Capacities

In this overview, you can quickly get an overview of whether a financial service provider is allowed to maintain an order book or whether all client orders are forwarded to external order execution venues.
After the date of issue of the licence

White Label

Marketing and distribution partnerships between financial service providers and similar service providers who use the products and services of financial service providers via their own distribution channels in cooperation models. The structure of the partnerships can range from the use of a wide-ranging domain to complete service.

Date of inclusion in DDH coverage

Trading Platforms

An overview of the trading solutions offered by financial service providersDate of inclusion in DDH coverage

Social & Copy Trading Provider

An overview of the financial service providers where social trading (including copy/mirror and curated trading) is possibleDate of inclusion in DDH coveragetable

Asset Manager

An overview of the financial service providers that are permitted to engage in asset management.CBRtable
Multi-Asset-BrokerFrom this view, you can see which companies offer their clients access to international exchanges in addition to CFD or foreign exchange trading.

Tradable Products

A list of the product offerings that the individual financial service providers can use. Basically, it can be assumed that all companies included in the coverage offer contracts for difference and foreign exchange trading. Multi-asset brokers are also covered.
Date of inclusion in DDH coverage

Extended Ranking lists

This overview is based on different statistical evaluation methods. The rankings range thematically from reach to social media key figures.According to valuation valuetable

Rate your broker

In this view, you can see the companies in DDH Coverage for which customer ratings are recorded.user votingstable

Public listed Entities

In this view, you will find listed companies that have at least one CFD or FX provider in their company portfolio or that are in a direct constellation with an industry of IPO-visual


Companies in the CFF and foreign exchange trading sector are involved in sports sponsorship.Chronological -
MapsThis overview segments the companies in DDH coverage according to their originGoogle Maps-visual
SedcardsEine visuelle Übersicht aller im DDH-Coverage befindlichen Unternehmen hinsichtlich der von den Unternehmen betriebenen Produktinformationsseiten. asc
Visual BrandsA visual overview of all companies in DDH coverage with regard to the product information pages operated by the companies.asc-visual
Coming soon:
Execution Venues
List of financial service providers used as order execution venues for agency brokers ("STP", back-to-back). asc

Coming soon:
Liquidity Provider/Prime Broker

Overview of companies that can be used as liquidity providers for hedging transactions.asctable

PaperTrading (Prop)

Overview of selected trading environments that were developed in-house and stand out from the industry standard in terms of technology, appearance and operating concept.

A risk-free test with virtual money is offered.


PaperTrading (II)

Overview of the companies that offer interested parties the possibility of a free test phase to use the trading infrastructure.

by Corp-Event

Coming soon:
An overview of the companies that have special offers for investors who have MiFID status 'Professional'.asc


Overview of companies that provide information on dedicated partner models.asc

Pillar 3 public disclosures

An overview page which - if disclosed by the companies - provides the regulatory disclosure reports (according to Regulation (EU) No. 575/2013 Art.433) on capital resources ("Pillar3") for inspection. 

EQSS public disclosures

A summary page making available for inspection, where disclosed by firms, the Regulatory Order Execution Disclosure Reports ("RTS28") required by Regulation (EU) No 2017/5

 October 2022