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Due Diligence Hub: Become a supporter

Are you one of the opinion leaders in the trading and CFD scene and do you advocate transparent framework conditions? Then you will have quickly realised that Due Dilligence Hub (DDH) is exactly the platform where all essential data is available for issuers, financial service providers, venture capital companies, associations and regulators and, of course, investors: Up-to-date, comprehensive, reliable and, above all, neutrally presented. A unique combination in this form, which we are absolutely convinced of, sets the industry standard. Our claim is not only to be the benchmark in information procurement but to actively accompany the framework conditions for essential trends in the derivatives sector.

We know: DDH is a challenging project, but we are passionate about it and have a lot of experience and expertise. If you share our enthusiasm for Due Diligence Hub and want to join us financially, please contact us. As a sponsor and partner in Team DHH, you will help to make high-quality content sustainably available to all market participants. In this way, you not only make an important contribution to promoting the trading culture in Germany, but can also perfectly showcase your own organisation. Be sure: In Team DDH you are on the right side!

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