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Valuable information for different user groups

"Data is the new gold" is a popular quote that could hardly describe the importance of big data, machine learning and data science more aptly. Today, information is the basis of every good business decision, whether in the context of corporate development, product innovation, marketing or other areas. The internet is one of the most important resources here. 

By taking a holistic approach to the conception of Due Diligence Hub - DDH for short - we have succeeded in structuring information in such a way that it develops maximum user value.

If you work with DDH a little more extensively, you will quickly appreciate how easy it is to use. A major advantage of the chosen information structure is the central bundling of data. A few mouse clicks are enough to get a comprehensive picture of companies. Time-consuming research via dozens of sources on the Internet is thus rendered superfluous. The concept of context (instead of keyword) search delivers results that are exclusively relevant to the topic and come exclusively from trustworthy websites.

We are sure that the information provided here will give you everything you need for your own business analysis or information search. The reason why we have succeeded so well is largely due to the fact that the initiators of the project have specialised knowledge of both the provider and the user side. Based on this knowledge and operational experience, the conditions were created to create something so far unique, sustainable and without conflicts of interest.


Traders, investors

A main target group of the DDH information portal are active traders who deal with the possibilities of real-time trading of CFDs, FX products, futures and comparable financial instruments.

Customers who are less satisfied with their current financial service provider and are considering a change will discover a variety of alternatives here. The comprehensive sector clustering provides multi-layered research options, whether on tradable products, technologies, additional tools, company-relevant information, news or activities. In case of problems of any kind, the community is available to users of our offer. For specific topics, you are also welcome to contact our editorial team directly.

It is generally sensible and recommended to critically examine dubious providers in the industry. DDH also offers extensive information material on this subject for your own research, of course also on individual request. 

In the following, we have compiled a selection of other interest groups that can benefit from our offer.

Companies in and around the financial services sector

Asset manager
When it comes to actively traded investment strategies, for example, choosing the right partner is crucial. It is not uncommon for extensive preliminary checks to be required before a business relationship can be established. Our extensive data material will facilitate your pre-selection so that you later find exactly the right financial service provider for your business model.

Intermediaries/Introducing Broker
Financial intermediaries are regularly on the lookout for new innovative ways to best serve their clients' needs. The companies in DDH's coverage offer an extensive product portfolio and attractive solutions that may be of interest to further diversify their own offering.

The past years have been characterised by innovations, especially in the financial services sector. Many cooperations have developed in which companies from derivatives trading were also more frequently involved. You know this for sure: When developing an attractive business idea, one often does not know who is particularly qualified for cooperation and thus the most suitable partner for implementation. The options available here make it possible to unerringly identify potential partners.

Content Provider
If you are an entrepreneur and are involved in creating content related to the financial market, content partnerships regularly lead to a multiplier effect. Use our reach to address more people with your content than you would manage with your own resources.

If you are an editor of a publishing house or freelancer and deal with the financial industry, trends and product developments, you will certainly find what you are looking for on the DDH platform. You are welcome to contact us if you are working on editorial contributions and want to draw on expert knowledge or secure content.

Organisers, speakers
If you organise webinars, seminars or other forms of events, or also offer continuing education, please feel free to contact us to increase your reach.

As the past years have impressively demonstrated, certain business models are growing ever closer together, not least against the background of exploiting synergy effects. Today, it is no longer unusual for a financial portal to offer its users various additional services, even to the point of operating its own financial service provider or intermediary. The information provided on the portal opens up a multitude of opportunities to establish new partnerships.

Press departments
DDH has developed a press service that press departments can use for their own public relations work and that of their clients.

Market and supplier screening/press clipping
Due to the use of sophisticated technologies, we offer a comprehensive and close-meshed screening of the sector relevant to you. Such screening allows valuable conclusions to be drawn about developments and trends, enables accurate competitive analyses, and certainly contains a decisive information advantage in some areas. Companies in the sector can obtain targeted information here on how competitors are positioning themselves regarding public relations, product development and/or customer acquisition.

Research & market research companies, scientists, statisticians
Those who deal with the industry in an academic environment will appreciate the possibilities of the information platform. DDH collects data that may be of interest in one or another study project. Feel free to contact us if you are an employee of a scientific department or a market research institute and ask how we can support you in your work.

Rating Agencies
DDH gives organisers of industry awards, service providers for company evaluations or platforms that specialise in the systematic collection of customer feedback the opportunity to verify the results of their own research through an independent source.

Vacancies can be addressed specifically to potential candidates via the DDH platform. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for qualified employees for vacant positions. Due to our extensive network, we can provide you with comprehensive support in both the search and the placement.

Service provider
In the immediate environment of investment firms, specialised companies offer a variety of powerful tools and solutions that strike a chord with the times. Often it is small, but highly innovative and motivated teams that develop solutions so that investors can act even more comfortably and securely on the markets. DDH also gives these companies the opportunity to present their products and services to a broad public in a suitable manner.

Law firms/auditors
DDH is an important source of information for lawyers and auditors when, for example, a comprehensive audit of a company becomes necessary in the course of taking on a mandate. Here, too, saving time is an essential aspect in gathering relevant information and background.

Expert witness
Legal disputes cannot always be avoided. However, it becomes difficult when it comes to getting to the bottom of complex issues in order to be able to assess them with legal certainty. We are happy to assist you with our expertise and network. Should you ever reach the point where you would like to communicate with people who have many years of operational experience and enormous detailed knowledge: Please feel free to contact us.

Consumer protection
If one follows the warning notices of the supervisory authorities, it becomes clear how vulnerable the industry is. It seems all the more important that the industry sets an example to distance itself from dubious providers and ideally even launches its own initiatives to put a stop to dishonestly operating companies.

Since DDH only has regulated providers in its coverage, users of the information portal can assume that companies listed here have the appropriate authorisation to provide their financial services.

Special care is advised for companies that are not listed on DDH. The same applies to service providers who make you offers to recover losses suffered. Here, too, caution is strongly advised. It is not uncommon for these to be dubious offers ("recovery room fraud") which are very difficult for laypersons to recognise.

Sector associations
DDH offers industry stakeholders opportunities to conduct public relations work efficiently and without wastage. No other platform is better suited to address their own topics.

The industry representatives themselves
Those who want to achieve customer growth and gain market share have to deal with many challenges. In a highly regulated environment, the opportunities to draw attention to oneself and one's product offering often involve a great deal of effort and yet often do not lead to the desired success. We help you!

VC, PE, M&A departments
Many companies in the industry are very successful at what they do. With success comes interest from investment companies looking for high-yield investment properties for their clients. Since DDH has already been subjecting the entire sector to extensive screening for many years, we contribute independent expertise as to whether the published KPIs correspond to reality or are rather wishful thinking.


The DDH basic concept is based on presenting company-specific information as comprehensively and neutrally as possible. We refrain from highlighting individual companies in the sector, giving them special attention or giving them priority over others. This aspect illustrates the information-neutral approach. Users are given all the tools they need to form their own opinions and make informed decisions based on them.

Even though DDH does not see itself as a marketing platform, company-specific information is presented to users of the platform in many areas. This is targeted public relations work by the service providers. The possibilities range from the publication of press releases to the display of advertising material. DDH also cooperates with leading online marketing companies in order to display context-related and precisely fitting product information.

DDH has developed into a hotspot of the online trading community. Those who present themselves to the target group here are seen. Those who are particularly committed will convince with the right message and good service and profit in many ways from the opportunities offered here.

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