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Frequently asked questions
Our goal is to be able to answer as many of our users' questions as quickly as possible. For this purpose, there is a multi-level system that provides the community as the first point of contact for questions. The FAQ section is continuously expanded from the topics addressed there. If you do not find what you are looking for in the forum section or here, you can also send us your questions using the contact form.

DDH is representative as an abbreviation for 'Due Diligence Hub' - the brand behind the EduTech information portal.

CBR is used on the Due Diligence Hub information platform as an abbreviation for the English term cash burn rate. The CBR is interpreted as an indicator that refers to the loss rates defined by the European supervisory authority ESMA. Further information can be found here.

Since the introduction of mandatory publication, Due Diligence Hub has been tracking the loss ratios. The industry overview on the homepage shows the ranking starting with the provider with the lowest loss ratio. The data is collected on the 15th calendar day after the end of each calendar quarter. As a rule, the statistics are transferred to the new rankings on the 20th calendar day. The same applies to the CBR trend view, which shows how the loss ratios have developed.

National Competent Agency - Abbreviation used in the language of the European Financial Market Authority ESMA for the National Supervisory Authorities.
You will find this abbreviation again in many overviews and rankings created by DDH. If it is a functional element of the platform, such as a button, a mouse click will take you directly to the register of the respective financial market supervisory authority.