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Mission / Vision


Due diligence (djuː ˈdɪlɪdʒ(ə)ns) is a technical term originating from the Anglo-Saxon language area, now internationally established, which stands for a process that includes the careful examination of companies, particularly with regard to their economic, legal, tax and financial circumstances. The basis for this is information that is free of contradictions and allows the most complete possible representation of relevant aspects.

The term hub (/hʌb/) is a linguistic expression that has also been copied from English into other languages and symbolises a collection or concentration of components of an ecosystem. London, for example, is often referred to as a financial hub because the British capital is home to almost all of the world's major financial houses. 

Due-Diligence-Hub ("DDH") combines both terms to form a single entity - which in combination stands for a comprehensive structuring of data and its intelligent networking. We are convinced that this combination ultimately ensures that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. 

DDH's holistic approach solves several problems: research can take up a lot of time and tie up important resources. The effort involved represents an enormous cost factor. The solutions offered by DDH contribute significantly to reducing manual and repetitive research to a level that frees up time for the downstream analysis and evaluation of information. 

DDH focuses on the aggregation of data from a variety of freely available, independent and trustworthy sources in order to facilitate downstream decisions - such as the selection of a suitable business partner. DDH sees itself as a kind of one-stop shop in the field of data science. 

What sounds scientific, however, does not have to be complicated to understand or operate. The opposite is the case. The information offered by DDH focuses on achieving the highest possible degree of automation in internet research. This should provide users of our platform with the ideal conditions for making far-sighted and well-founded business decisions. And this as conveniently and simply as possible. In other words: a central, transparent and reliable point of contact for all matters relating to the topics addressed by DHH.
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