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Reach, and popularity in the CFD/FX sector can also be derived from interaction via social media. Reliable indicators that allow conclusions to be drawn about successful public relations work on the one hand, and customer loyalty on the other are, for example, the user figures in the area of social networks. Other statistics provide deeper insights into how frequently product information pages are accessed. 

The algorithms developed by DDH determine the social media KPIs of the CFD industry every quarter, which flow into the DDH ranking and evaluation concept. The reach statistics are collected and updated monthly.

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Extensive ranking criteria
Alexa is a company of the amazon group that collects information from which it is possible to deduce how popular a company website is, i.e. how often it is accessed by users. Interactive, dynamic and interesting content usually ensures that pages are called up more frequently and visited more often. Conversely, this means that websites that act more like static construction kits are less attractive and therefore generate less attention.

Some of the companies covered by DDH have such low traffic that they do not make it into the Alexa ranking.
Open Page Rank is a service provider that uses a similar concept to Alexa to collect information from which it is possible to derive how strongly or less strongly a company website is frequented, i.e. how often it is accessed by users.

As can be seen from the available statistics, there are differences in the direct comparison of the two providers.
This filter sorts the companies in the same way as the DDH homepage. It shows the rankings based on the current CBR ratio. Putting this filter in relation to the other available statistics allows interesting conclusions to be drawn at one point or another.
This filter sorts the companies on the basis of the customer ratings submitted to Trustpilot. From these, the provider determines a scoring that should allow conclusions to be drawn about the service quality of the provider. Trustpilot is an external, commercial rating provider.

DDH has developed its own rating system, as it is particularly important when collecting customer opinions that there is no conflict of interest between the operator and the rated company.
Facebook is a popular social network used by companies in public relations, for example to interact directly with prospective customers or clients.
Twitter is a popular short message service used by companies for various purposes. Like the other network platforms, Twitter is primarily used for public relations in order to provide interested parties and customers with news quickly and effectively.

DDH has developed a platform component for the news section that tracks the activities of the respective financial service providers. Click here and you will be taken directly there.

Companies that engage on Youtube face a special challenge. Interactive content is more difficult to produce, especially if you have high professional standards. In this respect, high follower or subscriber numbers give a good indication of how the content created by companies is received by users.
Instagram poses special challenges for companies. Generating followers in this social network as a company is more difficult and requires special commitment. As the DDH statistics show, only a small number of companies use the network to communicate with their target group.
LinkedIn is a social network for maintaining existing business contacts and making new business connections. This platform is also increasingly included in the public relations work of companies. A high ranking can be interpreted to mean that the messages communicated via Linkedin are highly popular.
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