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Visionary with passion

From passionate stock market trader to pioneer of the current CFD and FX industry: For more than 20 years, Fabian John has had intimate insights into the trading scene and has played a key role in shaping many technologies, products and processes that are standard today during his professional career.

The gift of recognising and implementing trends and developments at an early stage meant that Fabian was already living the FinTech spirit at a time when the term had not even been invented yet. Today, he is one of the most creative and innovative minds in an area of the financial services sector that has developed in recent years into a segment in which more than 1,000 companies with more than 40 million customers worldwide are estimated to be active today.

Already at the beginning of the 2000s, at a time when the bubble burst and a pronounced investor depression began, he was looking for new ways to make the hitherto static securities trading more professional. At a time when CFDs were hardly widespread and difficult to access, he paved the way for Irish and Anglo-Saxon companies to enter the German market.

From 2008, he was involved in setting up the first B2B CFD market maker based in Germany and regulated by BaFin. Together with a team of dedicated colleagues, he developed the most innovative trading environment for retail traders to date. On an interim basis, he coordinated the development of the CFD division at a leading online broker during this time. It is thanks to his commitment that banking standards that apply in securities trading, such as mistrade-rules, were also established in the OTC area.

He addressed issues such as the abolition of margin requirements at an early stage and was involved in their implementation in the companies for which he was responsible even before the international supervisory authorities defined them as standard requirements by law. A major milestone in his professional career is the receipt of the first digital asset management licence authorised by BaFin in the area of signalling and automated order execution. In 2019, together with Kurt Ziegler, he rescued the German units of the then-ailing ayondo group, whose asset portfolio is now managed by RSQ Technology Venture GmbH.

Since becoming involved in the industry, it has been a matter of the heart for Fabian - born in 1969 - to improve the image of products and services. Since 2006, he has been running an internet platform where he shares his knowledge with other investors.

Through various professional stations, Fabian has built up comprehensive specialist knowledge in the areas of IT and software development, innovation management and business development. His expertise is rounded off by operational experience in the areas of legal & compliance, corporate governance and internal audit. Fabian John has led several regulatory projects and maintains a trusting relationship with regulators. It is also thanks to his commitment that the Association of German CFD Providers was revitalised in 2013. The quarterly Steinbeis study on CFD trading was developed together with Professor Dr Jens Kleine and Dr Maximilian Jolmes. The successful market entry of the renowned market research institute Investment Trends in Germany in 2012 was also significantly determined by his collaboration.

Fabian helped many companies to develop disruptive business models, some of which are now considered established. As CEO of the consulting firm 3rmcn, he is integrated into a partner network and advises clients of all stripes with competence and passion. You can find a selection of esteemed partners here.

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