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What makes DDH so unique ...

... we are breaking new ground and would be delighted if you would accompany us on this journey.

The Due Diligence Hub information portal is based on the philosophy of open marketplaces, which provide the technological basis for serving the needs of at least two interest groups as efficiently as possible. Through the aggregation of fragmented data, their downstream networking and, if possible, their refinement, the information needs are to be bundled in the most targeted and comprehensive way possible, so that an ultimate added value is created for the user.

Viewed in the overall context, the available information represents a previously unknown level of transparency. The views are structured simply and clearly. Navigation within the portal as well as in the individual views is characterised by a high degree of user-friendliness and usually leads to the desired result with the first click.

We have listed the users of the information offer here. We are sure you will find yourself there in one way or another. The second page of the marketplace ecosystem is used by representatives of the industry who want to present themselves to their target group through lively public relations work. For this purpose, DDH offers a wide range of modules that can and should be used to approach and acquire customers.