If you want to place information in a targeted manner and without wastage, you cannot do without DDH's public relations service. The platform developed specifically for this purpose helps to communicate directly and to the point with the respective addressees or target group. DDH has created the optimal conditions for this, which are used by the departments responsible for public relations, but also by service providers specialising in press work.

Here you will find industry-relevant press releases, product news, job advertisements, event calendars for webinars, seminars and central events of the industry such as trade fairs or stock exchange days.
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Termine & Veranstaltungen

The imparting of stock market knowledge is not only a supporting pillar in the area of customer relationship management, but has also developed into an essential element in the acquisition of new customers. In the meantime, there are a multitude of training opportunities, from webinars to live events, there is something for every type of investor and level of knowledge.

DDH offers companies that communicate knowledge content via interactive media a communication platform to draw attention to opportunities for their own offers in a targeted and target group-specific manner. 

If you are interested in current events, please check back frequently. The webinar and event calendar is continuously updated.

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Webinar dates, seminars, trade fairs
Our aim is to offer users of our information portal the widest possible range of interesting content. The provision of expert knowledge is of particular importance, as it makes a significant contribution to avoiding mistakes and being able to make more informed investment decisions. 

We are happy to put our platform at the service of education and training offers and at the disposal of all interested parties by offering them the opportunity to draw attention to themselves and their services.

Feel free to contact us if you think that your offer meets the right target group here. We will ensure that your reach increases and that you reach more people who are interested in you.