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Geographical distribution

It is easy to see where the heart of the European CFD and FX sector beats by looking at the geographical distribution. The concentration is the result of historically grown structures. The fact that financial service providers find particularly attractive conditions in certain regions in order to develop their business models in the best possible way also plays an important role. A variety of criteria can play a role, from tax aspects to the regulatory environment.
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The map has two navigation bars - on the right-hand side and below. Using the panel to the right of the map, you can quickly and easily filter by the country of your choice. For example, if you click on the country code 'CY', a new view will be generated showing all the companies registered in Cyprus. You can expand the individual map clusters until individual pins/markers become visible. If you like to click on a pin, the company located at this location will be displayed in a hover card. On the card you will see the address data, the PlusCode and a country flag. If you follow this, you will receive further information on the country of origin of the selected service provider.

If you would like to filter according to the competent supervisory authority, you can do so using the navigation element below the map. If you want to switch back to the standard view, use the 'Reset' function above the map. If you are only interested in financial service providers that are located on the European continent, set a corresponding filter using the checkbox above the map. You can comfortably zoom within the map using the mouse wheel. All you have to do is hold down the CTRL key. The button 'All' in the Regulatory Authorities panel creates a world map and shows selected companies that have their headquarters outside of Europe.

Tip: If you find an info element with the designation [ PLUS ] in other views, you can display the location of the company directly from there.

We have compiled an overview of the supervisory authorities for you here.

Exciting insights hidden behind inconspicuous map markers

The largest map marker hides a small island in the eastern tip of the Mediterranean. As can be seen from the data visualization, the majority of companies offering trading in foreign exchange and contracts for difference feel particularly at home in the sunny south, or more precisely - in the geographical triangle between Antalya, Tripoli and Alexandria. Whether it is ultimately due to the special attractiveness of a work-live balance, the miles of sandy beaches, the labor market or some other fortunate circumstance cannot be precisely determined. 

The concentrated competence of the financial service providers is confronted with a supervisory authority that should have its hands full monitoring 80% of the CFD&FX providers operating in Europe without being accused of regulatory arbitrage. A mammoth task, if you put the number of customers issued by the financial service providers in relation to the number of inhabitants of the small island state.

According to Wikipedia, Cyprus - the island in the eastern Mediterranean - has a population of 1.2 million. etoro - one of the most aggressively growing companies - counted 24.8 million users in 2022 - source also Wikipedia. In other words, for every citizen registered in Cyprus, there are about 20 registered etoro users. Chapeau!

By the way: Our Geo-Cluster is another visual view that complements the Sedcards portfolio and the Visual Brands. The Map View allows you to customise the map view to your needs. You have a zoom function and many other functionalities as you have come to appreciate from Google Maps. With regard to the companies in the DDH Coverage, we provide you with further options to make your research even more comfortable. For example, the panels on the right and at the bottom serve to search by country of origin and competent supervisory authority.

There is also a 3D view. Simply drag the small person symbol, which you will find at the bottom right of the map (above the zoom elements +/-), onto one of the map markers and you will be in Nicosia, Limassol or Malta and thus in financial centres and financial hubs of the CFD and FX industry in no time. We hope you have fun exploring!