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Minimise your wastage when addressing customers and leverage a wide range of public relations opportunities. Show your presence where your target group is and where they are looking for products, services and innovations.
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Win-Win Situation

Start-ups that know how to "use the crowd to learn something" could be the next big market opportunity, Google CEO Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying in June 20161.

Here we have gone into more detail about our philosophy with regard to corporate and financial news, how it should be structured and curated and how it is disseminated and consumed. The portal site DDH is based on the concept that visitors always get the greatest possible utility value, because especially in the financial sector, reliable and comprehensible information is the basis for valid decisions. It is not just about information advantage, but how many disorganised pieces of the puzzle form a picture.

The DDH portal site is based on the concept that visitors always get the greatest possible utility value, because reliable and comprehensible information is the basis for valid decisions, especially in the financial sector.

Necessary: During the implementation, we took great care to ensure that the information is provided in a neutral and non-judgemental manner so that every user can form his or her own opinion, regardless of whether he or she is guided by subjective factors such as an external presentation or purely objective criteria. 

Concerning product marketing, you will find service providers on our platform who present themselves to their target group here. This relatively passive approach differs diametrically from the orientation of standard comparison portals. There, it is usually the operators who actively highlight certain marketing partners. DDH adopts best practice methods of demand marketing. Data-driven marketing promises a high degree of efficiency, as the right target group is addressed at the right time on the right channel with the right means. 

Neutral information provision in combination with product presentation does not have to be a contradiction and does not have to cause conflicts of interest. To make our understanding of the intelligent linking of (product) information and (product) marketing a little more comprehensible, our platform should be understood as a digital presentation space, analogous to a trade fair, where industry representatives meet - in this case, physically - in one place and make targeted contact with different interest groups there. The basic idea is the same, the medium is different.

Addressing customers in the digital world is becoming increasingly difficult. User behaviour is changing and also how people react to advertising. What was valid yesterday is obsolete today. Customers want to be convinced of a service, so it is not enough to display fancy messages on colourful flashing banners. Content is required, active communication, closeness to the user - let's just call it "all-round service". 

See and be seen - DDH offers a variety of options for this. With DDH, companies can decide for themselves how they want to be perceived. We provide a wide range of technological options so that suppliers can present their products and services in a targeted manner and without wastage. If necessary, we will work with you to develop customised innovative solutions to make you even more interesting and attractive to your future customers. 

The difference is that it is at the discretion of the respective service provider how they want to present themselves in their public relations. 

Just like in social media, it is all about showing yourself in top form to your future users. For this purpose, we provide many innovative features and can only motivate to include them in the individual company and product communication. With the soft launch, DDH is available in four languages - English, Spanish, French and German. You can reach customers worldwide with this internationally oriented project. 

If you would like more information or have ideas for cooperation models, please contact us. Simply send us a message via e-mail or the contact form and briefly describe your concerns. Our staff will then get in touch with you.


Marketing partnerships can be designed in compliance with MiFID 2 if they aim to provide quality-improving services for clients. The comprehensive range of information that is available to users free of charge fulfils at least one criterion for this. 

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