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(F)influencer Recruiting
Do you run a training website or use social media to communicate stock market knowledge? Are you a speaker and organise webinars, seminars or live trading? Feel free to get in touch with us to increase your reach or to find the ideal cooperation partner for your needs. Become part of a unique community. We look forward to hearing from you!

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In this section, we present a selection of service providers that may be of interest to users of the portal.

If you are interested in one or the other provider, please feel free to visit their website.
If you know of a provider that you would recommend to other users, please feel free to contact us.

Discover a new world comfortably and without risk. A first port of call for inexperienced traders

A selection of financial service providers offering contracts for differences and currencies (FX) trading

New market players fighting for the favour of customers

The Playing Field of Automated Trading Systems, Algorythment, BOTs and Expert Advisors ("EA")

Providers that map the primary market 1 to 1 (DMA)

Financial service providers offering futures and options trading

Here you can trade almost all products. From securities to CFDs and digital currencies.

The range of tradable equity CFDs is very extensive with these providers

The young guns in smartphone brokerage.

Social meets Trading - Investor networks in the field of trading and investment

From personal trainers to mentoring. Here, professional traders share their knowledge with interested investors.

Those who want to compete with others will find what they are looking for here

Look over the shoulder of a professional trader at work

Increasing the learning curve and trading skills through knowledge transfer

The exciting world of event futures

Selected trading venues for digital currency trading ("Crypto")

Spread Betting - the little sister of contracts for difference

Spread Betting - sporting events can also be traded like financial instruments.

Information advantage through knowledge

Stock market letters, trading magazines, financial blogs and much more editorial content

For family offices, hedge fund and prop firms

The networks of the Invetsment community - traders among themselves

Exclusive memberships, premium offers, VIP clubs

Companies that provide equity capital to successful traders