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In this section, we provide you with selected Twitter short message style news as well as premium information and signal services.
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In this section, less is more. For all those who want to get a quick Twitter-style overview of the most important stock market and economic news, analyses of companies, results from financial analysts, this is exactly the right place. An area has been reserved exclusively for the public relations work of the CFD and FX providers in the DDH coverage. Rounded off and continuously expanded in the premium segment are exclusive partnerships and premium signal services.
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System will close the trade tomorrow at the open. $QQQ
I did a preliminary test and I don't think using Noise Filters as main indicator will work. So this project will not go ahead. Albeit I will add Noise Filters to my filter database and use it also to possible strategy improvement.
Just published the latest research project. You can check in the link below. You can also download the demo file at with one free strategy at:… 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
This will be the free strategy provided in Demo file. It was developed for $XLF and passed second stage robustness (OOS stability) in 11 other ETFs. $MDY 👇…
The new correlation fixture will let you compare 20 strategies annual returns and Maxdd correlation. You can use to do correlation analysis in strategies with same ticker or 20 different tickers. Example bellow is in 20 different tickers.…
70 Tickers will be included! Most diversified package released until now. Soon. Very Soon!!!!!!!!!!…
Gap down at the open? My dream Entry Point!!!
Finally a Buy Signal for tomorrow open.
Working hard one this one! It will be the most diversified regarding asset classes. It will include for the first time some VIX ETF strategies.
Another sell off? I'm dreaming again!!!!
Sell Off ✅ Buy Signal ⛔️ Almost but no Buy Signal..... Fuck!!!
My sexy dream for today..... sell off and Algo buy signal for tomorrow open!!!

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