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Company analyses & market research
In this section you can access current publications from the area of company analyses and research. The analyses are written by renowned companies and reflect their assessments with regard to the development of listed companies.

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Thu, 29.09.2022       EQS Group AG | DGAP · Original Research News
Tue, 30.08.2022       Edison Investment Research | Update
paragon’s Q222 results show an acceleration of revenue growth across the business and, while adjusted EBITDA was modestly lower, management has increased guidance. It now expects FY22 revenues of €170m while continuing to expect an EBITDA margin over 15%, with free cash flow (FCF) of €12m. While the equity value remains subordinate to financing bond redemption issues, we anticipate positive progress by the year end.
The information available in the Company Analyses & Market Research section is provided by EQS Group AG via the distribution service DGAP. EQS is a leading international technology provider for digital investor relations. Thanks to its applications and services, more than 8,000 companies worldwide are able to fulfil complex national and international information requirements and reporting obligations securely, efficiently and simultaneously and to reach the investment community worldwide.

Currently, company analyses of the following research houses can be accessed: BankM AG, Montega AG, First Berlin Equity Research GmbH, GSC Research GmbH, GBC AG, Sphene Capital GmbH and Edison Investment Research.