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This overview lists companies related to CFD or FX trading that are listed on an exchange trading venue and whose shares are tradable. In the majority of cases, these are holding or parent companies.
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Listed companies
In this overview you will find listed companies whose portfolio contains at least one company covered by DDH Coverage.

Due to diverse disclosure obligations, a high degree of transparency is ensured. The companies' annual reports, for example, make interesting reading. The stock market price of a company can also provide further indications that can be taken into account in one's own decision-making process both as a user of the service and as an investor. The share price trends of all industry representatives considered together also allow conclusions to be drawn about current and possibly future market developments. 

DAX: 14.541,40
FTSE: 7.486,67
CAC: 6.712,48
EUROSTOXX: 3.962,41
SMI: 11.168,00
OMX: 2.116,74


VIX: 20,50

ISIN: JP3798800003
Hirose Tusyo Inc
TYO - Tokyo Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange: TYO - Tokyo Stock Exchange

Country: Japan

ISIN: JP3798800003


IPO Date: 18.03.2016

Annual Report

IPO Prospectus

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Affiliated companies