5-Minutes sector walkthrough

Since August 2022, the gallery view has supplemented the portfolio of our sector overviews. In the gallery portfolio, we have put together a selection of the providers in DDH coverage for you in a slide show. Swipe comfortably from one slide to the next. If you use the auto-swipe mode, the slides change automatically.  If the visual appeal of a company particularly appeals to you, you are only one mouse click away from the service provider.

Possibly the most convenient and fastest way to get an overall impression of the competition.

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The information displayed in the slider module are automatically captured snapshots (SNAP) of the product information pages of the financial service providers. The algorithms developed by DDH update the slides at regular intervals to ensure that they are up to date.

In case you miss a company, please feel free to contact us.

We have received a number of suggestions for improvements to the Equity Curve Simulator. Since some of the interested parties did not leave us an email address, we are tracking the implementation of the feedback in the forum.