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Our Equity Curve Simulator is part of the continuously growing DDH tool family, which allows you to calculate scenarios of what a possible equity curve might look like based on trading style relevant parameters.

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We have received a number of suggestions for improvements to the Equity Curve Simulator. Since some of the interested parties did not leave us an email address, we are tracking the implementation of the feedback in the forum.
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The Equity Curve Simulator can help to improve one's trading style in order to achieve a better performance of an investment strategy.

How does it work? The simulator calculates and visualises possible scenarios of how the performance of an investment strategy could develop on the basis of predefined parameters. The simulation also shows how key performance indicators behave in relation to each other. Several simulation runs can be carried out.

Due to their nature, the results differ even if no changes are made to the parameterisation.

New: All overviews - compact and accessible with one click - from trading platforms, social trading and multi-asset to top lists and ratings.

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