Due Diligence Hub ("DDH") - the name says it all - provides the most comprehensive data collection and clustering of the international CFD and FX sector. Here you will find neutrally prepared information on more than 400 internationally active financial service providers that specialise in trading contracts for difference and/or currencies, including digital currencies. Since many companies have sharpened their profile and thus also their range of offers in recent years, multi-asset brokers and social trading providers have been added.

The portal not only offers research options and access to important sources for verifying the data collected, but also a variety of tools and information that provide helpful services to trading-savvy investors. On the discussion platform offered by DDH, like-minded people can exchange information about innovations, new trends and developments, evaluate companies and specifically contribute to the further development of the portal.
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Innovation as a Service
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DDH: Hotspot for transparent information

Due Diligence Hub ("DDH") is one of the most important sources of information for private investors, professional investors, start-ups, family offices, asset managers as well as people who prepare competitive analyses or industry screenings for research reasons and therefore depend on reliable information about solution providers active in the market. Transparency is our top priority.

In terms of content, DDH deals specifically with an area of the financial services sector that has grown dynamically over the past 20 years: the industry of CFD and FX providers. Specifically, those financial service providers who offer both private investors (B2C) and institutional clients (B2B) solutions for real-time trading of contracts for difference (CFD), foreign exchange (Forex, FX for short), social trading and/or margin trading or who address a clientele with an affinity for the stock market with combined service portfolios ("multi-asset", "neobrokerage").

Good to know: Journalists, law firms and venture capital companies regularly use DDH as an entry point for their own research. Press departments, publishing houses, headhunters, marketing companies and event managers find many opportunities on DDH to present their concerns directly to the target group. It is also interesting that market research institutes and universities include our background information in their studies.

Financial service providers who are active in the industry or are in the process of improving their market position are offered a wide range of opportunities for competitive analysis. A simple principle: Only those who know the strengths and weaknesses of their peer group can identify competitive advantages and strategically and specifically align their business model to them. DDH can be used to optimise one's public relations work and thus represents a separate, target group-specific communication channel. 

Conceptually, in addition to classic primary target groups, DHH primarily aims at industry representatives who attach great importance to transparent and customer-oriented external presentation and consumer protection. As an information hotspot, DDH also sees itself as a marketplace that sets high quantitative and qualitative information content, depth and consistency standards.  Those who feel committed to these values and share this philosophy can contribute to providing the best possible information to users by taking appropriate measures.

DDH is guided by the requirements of MIFID2 and the European and national supervisory authorities applicable to the industry. There are also parallels in many aspects to the digitalisation offensive of the federal government and the law on implementing the Digitalisation Directive (DiRUG, (EU) 2019/1151).

Exclusive rankings
The algorithms developed by DDH make it possible to evaluate and refine a wide range of data statistically. Rankings can be created based on different parameters, from which exclusive information can be derived. To guarantee our claim of a neutral and non-judgemental presentation, we use data published by the industry representatives themselves as weighting parameters for determining the home page ranking. Since these are regulatory requirements mandatory for all service providers in external communication, we focus on them as an objective evaluation criterion. The sober, clear and a rather minimalist structuring was deliberately chosen to focus on the essential aspects concerning corporate research. This is of particular concern to us, as we claim to set ourselves apart from other comparison or marketing platforms.

Users of our information offering who alternatively wish to obtain a quick overview based on subjective criteria can do so at any time by simply switching to another type of presentation. The functions provided for this purpose are recognisable as links or symbols.

You can find out which types of rankings are determined and which criteria are used for the presentation in this section via our 360° feature or the sitemap.

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